Process Vacuum System Design and Operation

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Wintek has provided trusted solutions for process applications at vacuum conditions since 1986.

Our industrial vacuum pump systems are engineered for the highest reliability. We serve the biodiesel, chemical, environmental, food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries. We pride ourselves on achieving high reliability at a great value.

Biodiesel Methanol Recovery

Vacuum Evaporation Systems

Many applications require separation of two or more liquids from a common process stream. One example is in Biodiesel production which requires extraction and methanol recovery from the Biodiesel (methyl ester) and glycerin streams. Another example is dehydration of Biodiesel after a water wash, or pre-drying feed oil. These extractions can be accomplished by either distillation or a vacuum evaporator design  (flash evaporation). Wintek offers custom vacuum evaporator design services for industrial vacuum evaporation systems.

Molecular Sieve Dehydration Systems

Other applications require more difficult separations, such as the dehydration of alcohols (removal of water from methanol, ethanol, IPA, etc).  Distillation is the most common method with these separations. However, if an azeotrope is reached, most commonly the ethanol water azeotrope, distillation becomes more complicated. If the water content is less than 15%, Wintek's patented Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit (MSDU) can provide significant energy savings.

Wintek provides these as packaged, skid-mounted industrial systems, pre-piped and wired, which significantly minimizes installation cost and time.

Vapor Recovery Systems and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Many applications require industrial vacuum pumps and/or vapor recovery (water or solvents), which we can incorporate into our industrial vacuum system designs. Because vacuum pumps draw gases and vapors into the pump, proper selection of vacuum pumps in process applications requires more than just knowing the cfm of the gases. Wintek carefully reviews your process operation and considers any potential problems, such as vapors and gases which may reach the vacuum pump, including process upsets. Our expertise in designing industrial vacuum systems has led to the highest uptimes and most satisfied customers.

Methanol Extraction from Biodiesel and Glycerin
 Methanol Extraction from Biodiesel and Glycerin
Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit

 Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit (MSDU)

Solvent Recovery Vacuum Pump System
Solvent Recovery System for Vacuum Filter/Dryer


Boosted Liquid Ring
Boosted (2) Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump on Reactors at 1-5 Torr

High Vacuum SVE
High Vacuum SVE for 2-Phase / Dual Phase / MultiPhase
  Industrial Central Laboratory Vacuum with air-cool Liquid Ring Pumps
Industrial Central Vacuum with air-cool Liquid Ring Pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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