Featured Industrial Vacuum Systems

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 Liquid Ring Vacuum System B400-E-WSS250
110203 Dupont (2011, one of four units)
400 ACFM at 5 torr
 Liquid Ring Vacuum System C150R120-WSS-200-SS
All stainless vapor recovery system
 Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems B600-WSS450 V
600 ACFM, ETO service (one of six)
 10 HP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems with Aftercondenser One of Two Industrial Vacuum Systems - 3M Taiwan (2004, 2008)
10 HP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems with Aftercondenser,
316SS, Ethyl Acetate Recovery
 Ethanol Recovery, 15 HP 2-stage Liquid Ring Vacuum System  Ethanol Recovery Vacuum System - Sulzer Metco, 2007
15 HP 2-stage Liquid Ring Vacuum System
 One of Two Vapor Recovery Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems  One of Two Vapor Recovery Vacuum Systems - URI, 2007
7.5 hp Liquid Ring Vacuum system, Pre-condenser w/ 1500 gal receiver
316ss, Uranium Processing
Liquid Ring Vacuum System
Hybid Vacuum System controlling three levels of vacuum. Steam-jet / condenser/ Liquid ring vacuum pump. Dupont 2005
Once-thru Rotary Vane systems
Three of Four, 15 HP Once-thru Rotary Vane systems, including Hastelloy KOPot, Condenser, Receiver and pressure control. Kverner / Merck, 1998 (Fifth system ordered December 2001)
Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems
Five of Twelve Pilot 7.5 HP Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems PFI / Aventis Pharmaceutical, Bridgewater, NJ 2001
Solvent Recovery Vacuum System
Solvent Recovery Vacuum System for 3V Cogeim filter / dryer including pre-condenser, receiver, liquid ring vacuum pump, ejector, pressure control 2000
Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems
One of Seven 50 HP Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems with air-ejector and pressure controls. For Foster Wheeler / Merck & Co. 2000
Boosted Liquid Ring packages
One of seven Boosted Liquid Ring packages for process operation of 1500 ACFM @ 1-5 Torr operation. Fluor Daniel / Ciba Specialty Chemicals 1998