Solvent Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps can use any liquid compatible with the process, provided it has the appropriate vapor pressure properties, as the sealant liquid. Although the most common sealant is water (and the pump is sometimes called a “water ring vacuum pump”), almost any liquid can be used. The second most common is oil (see our section on Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Pumps). The ability to use any liquid, allows the liquid ring vacuum pump to be ideally suited for solvent recovery. If, in a vacuum dryer application, the solvent being dried is toluene (for example), then we can use Toluene as the sealant fluid and recovery up to 99% of the solvent for reuse. In fact Wintek has designed and supplied solvent sealed liquid ring vacuum pumps sealed with:

  Solvent Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Alcohols including: Methanol, Ethanol, Butanol, IPA, etc.

Other solvents including: MEK, Toluene, Hexane, Heptane, Decane, Di-Octyl-Phthalate, Acetonitrile, THF, DMF, … etc.

The vapor pressure of the sealant is very important in the sizing of the vacuum system, as this directly affects the capacity and end vacuum of the vacuum pump. You can get beyond the vapor pressure limitation with High Vacuum Boosted Liquid Ring systems. In fact, we have supplied methanol sealed systems operating at 5 torr, and water sealed systems operating at 0.03 torr.

Be sure to require all potential suppliers to provide a full performance curve of the vacuum pump with the solvent being used (not just a water curve). This is especially important if you are considering a Boosted Liquid Ring Vacuum System.

Solvent Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
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