Vacuum Pump Systems for ETO and Steam Sterilizers

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Wintek Corporation engineers and supplies state-of-the-art vacuum systems for wide ranges of sterilizer applications. Whether you need a properly engineered vacuum system for a simple steam sterilizer or one subject to the demanding requirements of a gas sterilizer (using 100% ethylene oxide-ETO, for example) we will work with you to engineer the right system for your applications.

These are the most basic requirements utilizing either once-thru or full recovery water sealed liquid ring vacuum systems. Larger systems include pre-condensers.

Water Sealed Vacuum Systems for Sterilizers
Wintek also has many Water Sealed vacuum systems in use with 100% ETO sterilizers, and are engineered with the previously described water limitations in mind. As long as proper operating procedures and design parameters are followed, reliable performance is assured, although capacity will decrease as ETO dissolves into the water sealant. Wintek has even provided boosted liquid ring vacuum systems on ETO service for one client with a vacuum requirement of 0.03 mmHgA.


Synthetic Oil Sealed Vacuum Systems for 100% ETO Sterilizers. Wintek's synthetic oil sealed vacuum systems developed for 100% ETO gas sterilizers, which eliminate the capacity and end vacuum losses inherent with gas contamination in water-sealed systems. Wintek has mastered the concept of using synthetic seal fluids with rugged liquid ring pumps, and has adapted this technology for 100% ETO. Our synthetic sealant does not react with ETO and is essentially insoluble.


Consistent Capacity: Our experience with 100% ETO systems has proved that the water sealed designs, such as those which our competitors are limited to, experience capacity problems because of ETO solubility in water. Our Synthetic sealed vacuum system provides consistent repeatable performance since the ETO is not soluble in the sealant. In addition, this vacuum system is unaffected by cooling water temperatures (although the condenser efficiency will be affected).

Higher End Vacuum: Wintek's WO2 sealant is a low vapor pressure fluid which allows operation near 15 Torr (29.5"HgV) with a liquidring vacuum pump, regardless of operating temperature, and without concern for ETO contamination. Water sealed units have an end vacuum of 26 Torr (29"HgV) only with uncontaminated, 60oF seal water. Higher seal water temperatures and any ETO contamination results in loss of capacity and end vacuum.

Boosted Systems (<0.1 Torr End Vacuum): Wintek can add air jets and/or rotary lobe boosters to increase pumping speed or approach final vacuum levels down to 0.03 Torr. Proper booster engineering involves many interconnected parameters, and cannot be done by simply looking at a chart in product literature. Wintek's experiences and references of boosted liquidring systems are unmatched by even our better-known competition.

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