High Vacuum Liquid Ring Pumps

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There are three methods of extending the operating range for liquid ring vacuum pumps (LRVP). All are capable of handling upsets (liquid carry-over) without damage, and minimal effect on operation. Click here for Boosted Liquid Ring.

Steam Jet Hybrid
• Combines a steam jet / condenser with a liquid ring vacuum pump.

• Utilizes steam as a motive fluid.

• Vacuum to 0.1 torr or less.

• High volumetric efficiency.

• Note: Requires steam, and generates condensate.
  Hastelloy Jet Condenser and LRVP
Hastelloy Jet Condenser and LRVP used at a Pharmaceutical company on a vacuum dryer

SS Air-jet
SS Air-jet used with 25 HP LRVP on a filter / dryer
Air-Jet / LRVP
• Utilize atmospheric (or recycled) air as the motive fluid.

• No Steam or pressurized air required.

• Vacuum to 10 Torr (29.6 HgV) typical.

• Most common method to extend the range of the LRVP.

• Most practical for smaller capacity requirements.

• Note: increases required size of vacuum pump.

Booster LRVP
• Combines a Rotary Lobe Blower with a LRVP.

• High efficiency design; uses energy of Air-jet / LRVP.

• Practical design for 50 Torr to .05 Torr.

• Practical capacities of 200 - 10,000 ACFM

• Note: good understanding of the process and design experience are required for proper design.
  Booster / Booster LRVP
Booster / Booster LRVP used on reactors at a specialty chemical company
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