Once-Through-Oil (OTO) Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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OTO Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps are designed to handle solvent and corrosive vapors found in chemical and pharmaceutical vacuum applications such as distillation, vacuum drying, etc. Although the pumps do use oil on a once thru basis, which must be disposed of, oil usage is very low: .05-.4 liters PER HOUR. Corrosive vapor handling capability (including wet HCL) is one of its primary features, as this is accomplished with standard pump materials (cast iron vacuum pump), but the accessories for pump protection must be in corrosion resistant materials (SS, Hastelloy, etc).

With an end vacuum of 0.5 Torr, and ability to handle a multitude of solvent and corrosive vapors, this design is a good choice for pilot labs.

Typical accessories, include inlet KOPots, startup and pressure control valves, oil coalescing tanks, condensers, receivers, etc. Most of the accessories are required to prevent process upsets (liquid, droplets and solids) from entering the pump, and prevent condensation from occurring within the vacuum pump.

15 HP OTO Rotary Vane System
15 HP OTO Rotary Vane system, including Hastelloy KOPot, Condenser, Receiver and pressure control, for Pilot Plant.

  Boosted OTO Rotary Vane Vacuum System for Solvent Recovery
Boosted OTO Rotary Vane Vacuum System for Solvent Recovery for major petro-chemical company. 800 ACFM @ 5 Torr, Boosted OTO Rotary Vane vacuum pump with condenser, receiver and pressure control.

Model HP CFM End Vacuum (torr) Oil Usage (liter/hr) Noise dB(A)
VLB-25 1.5 12 25 0.05 73
VLB-40 2 18 25 0.05 73
VLB-100 5 45 25 0.09 79
VLV-25-2 2 22 0.5 0.08 76
VLV-60-2 5 47 0.5 0.08 76
VLV-100-2 5 70 0.5 0.08 77
VWZ-162 10 100 0.5 0.16 73
VWZ-252 15 155 0.5 0.2 74
VWZ-402 20 250 0.5 0.2 75
VWZ-702 40   0.5 0.45 81
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